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Debtors in Spain: in what case should a debt collection company be used?

Debt collection in Spain: in what case should a debt collection company be used?

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According to the studies and observations made by specialists in the field, the major retailers do not resign themselves to calling upon a collection company until they have exhausted all possible alternatives of amicable repayment. However, the use of this type of company is becoming more and more widespread, particularly because of its efficiency.

While it is true that companies always prefer to settle this type of situation out of court, it seems obvious that the use of a collection company can be very useful. Grupo InterCobros is an unpaid collection company, which operates on the Spanish market. It puts at the service of customers (companies and individuals resident in France) competent persons, who will take care of all the details of the procedure, in the smallest details. When and why do we have to appeal) this type of company to obtain the recovery of its debts? What are the strengths of these companies to intervene on behalf of their customers? Answer elements in this article.

What is a debt collection company?

 By definition, a debt collection company is an enterprise that assists other natural or legal persons in recovering unpaid sums of money from some of their debtor clients or providers. This implies that the people who work for this type of company have a great mastery of customer relations. They also know the different ways in which they can obtain repayment of unpaid debts on behalf of the companies that employ them.

To this end, the collection company will implement strategies, with the aim of getting the debtor to pay the amount of his debt. Debt collection companies are distinguished by their professionalism. Their employees include specialists in collecting unpaid funds. Coupled with their highly developed interpersonal skills, competence and experience are the main assets of Grupo InterCobros experts.

What means do these companies have to intervene on behalf of the companies?

One of the first things you have to do when you want to go to an unpaid collection company is to make sure you have the expertise and the experience. The more experienced she is, the better she will be able to handle the most complex situations. It puts in place customized techniques depending on the case. The means used may therefore vary from one company to another.

Nevertheless, a collection company that wants to be competent will always have to work with lawyers, who are able to determine whether or not the debtor is solvent. It also intervenes at various stages of the process, from amicable settlement to legal proceedings.  Aside from lawyers, a debt collection company worthy of the name must seek lawyers and judicial officers, who are competent to deal with judicial issues.

Regardless of its human resources potential, the unpaid collection company must work according to strict rules and requirements. This increases their chances of winning. According to estimates, the success rate of companies specialising in collecting unpaid debts is estimated at 80%.

When should a debt collection company be used in Spain?

As already mentioned above, the managers of companies only turn to this type of company when they have exhausted their possibilities of amicable collection. It should also be noted that the latter do not worry about their unpaid debts until they begin to encounter cash-flow difficulties. First, they prefer to rely on a friendly process. It is only when this procedure fails or fails that they consider involving professionals.

Given the experience of these professionals in this area, the chances of obtaining redress are greater. However, it is advisable to use these companies as soon as possible, with the aim of reducing the length of the process. As soon as the due date for the repayment of the debt has passed, it is preferable to immediately call on a company specialized in the collection of unpaid debts. No need to drag on, as this will slow down the process and significantly limit the chances of getting reimbursed.

Moreover, there are more and more leaders who decide to entrust the follow-up of the payment of invoices to specialized companies. Thus, the chances of getting the refund in time are even greater. This opportunity is by far the best, as it affects the company’s financial health and cash flow.

Businesses therefore use collection companies to collect certain receivables from debtor clients and service providers. This allows them to get rid of the tedious work of relaunching debtors, checking documents and supporting documents.

Why is he calling in unpaid collection companies?

For a company that deals with external clients and service providers, the use of collection companies offers many benefits, including:

Optimisation of the system for collecting unpaid debts

In most companies, the outsourcing of the management of unpaid debts and the repayment of debts comes only in case of force majeure. And yet, this makes it possible to gain in efficiency, thanks to an optimized system of collection of unpaid debts.

A considerable saving of time

The procedure for the collection of claims is a chronograph and this requires a long time between the drafting of the letters of reminder, their transmission and the control of the documents involved. The debt collection company takes all these steps on its own, which allows executives to save time.

Avoid cash flow problems as much as possible

If the debtors do not meet the deadlines, cash flow problems are inevitable. By optimizing the process of repaying unpaid debts, the financial health of the company will only be better.

Grupo Intercobros Spain can help you collect your unpaid bills

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