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Debt collection agency

Debt collection agency in Spain Grupo Intercobros

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Have you been short of liquidity by your defaulting clients? Do you want to get your money back but don’t know how to do it? On many occasions, the task of collecting your money again becomes a real nightmare as some clients take advantage of the situation to leave unpaid bills. This can be a serious problem for you since the lack of liquidity can make you have to close your business because you cannot pay your own bills on time. What options are there in this situation?

Once you have exhausted the word route, the best option is to contact a collection management company. The agency will take care of debt collection in its entirety, which will make you breathe easy again. In the InterCobros group we will take care of collecting all your debts without you having to do anything, and all this at no cost. We will not charge you anything until the moment you have received your money.

Our service is currently available for SMEs and Self-Employed since our collection management services, collection of bad debts and recovery of unpaid are perfect for these professional profiles. But what is all that we offer to our clients?

What we offer for debt collection

We will be able to make a claim for your invoices without initial cost or fees, a work only to result since we apply a percentage of the recovered. In this way, you will receive the amount charged less our commission. In the same way, for companies that have a portfolio of debtor clients, we have a fixed rate, called «Special SMEs», so that you can obtain the greatest possible benefit.

We personally take care that all our clients are fully satisfied with our work. Your happiness is ours.

In our company, we offer quality time to all the cases of our clients, it does not matter if it is a very small company or if it is a medium-sized company. All of our clients are important to us. In all our cases we apply new technologies to have a direct deal with our client. It doesn’t matter if we can’t meet in person, our team will do their best wherever you are.

In addition, our work team is in constant training to offer the best possible deal. The key to our success as a company lies in the results we achieve every day.

We have the perfect solution for you

So if you want to get your money back without having to deal with debtors, the best option is to have our help. You will only have to register and access your profile area. From there you can send us all the documentation so that we can start working on the recovery of your money.

In addition, through your customer area, and with a single click, you will be able to review and control the status of your charges. You will be able to know at all times all the steps we are taking to recover your money. We will always be close to you to advise you.

Our seal guarantees you a lower risk of non-payment

Being cautious is a great virtue as it will save you many uncomfortable moments. With the Intercobros Group Preventive Seal you can protect your money and avoid defaulters. With this stamp you will have much more possibilities to collect what belongs to you and avoid defaults.

By including the stamp on your invoices, you will be able to sensitize and make all your customers aware of the importance of making the payment on time. In this way, you will see how the percentage of collection in the established time increases, which will guarantee you the liquidity you need to continue with your business.

If you need more information about our seal, you just have to ask us. We will be happy to assist you and explain what our proposal consists of to ward off debtors.

When do I have to outsource the collection of defaults?

Although you can outsource the default at any time you want, we advise you to classify your debtors and see the communication that has been maintained up to now. If the communication takes more than 60 days and part of the debt has not been paid, it is time to put it in the hands of the professionals.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an old debt collection, we’ll do everything we can to get your money back. We will carry out legal claims, monitoring proceedings, written communications or verbal agreements. We study all the possibilities to achieve great results.

Do you still have doubts about how we work or what you should do in your situation? Get in touch with us and we will help you solve all your doubts. We are here for everything you need. Count on us to get your money back in the shortest time possible!


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